Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be:

A church community where people find hope and belonging in Jesus Christ, transforming our society with the good news through evangelism and service.  We will do this as we

as God’s people to worship God through His Spirit. 

through the study of God’s word, prayer and fellowship.

into the world to love and serve as disciples of Jesus.

The three short statements above descibes the mission of the church, in short we like to describe our mission as Gather, Grow, Go! 

At Cadoxton we have a vision for the community where we serve, and the wider town of Barry.  We want to see all people come into a relationship with Jesus and a realisation that without Him, they cannot experience life in all its fullness. We want to be a church that cares about those who don’t know this message and by our actions, love and compassion, bring those who want to hear more into the life of the church.

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