Our Commitments

As Church we are committed to;

  • growing God’s people in holiness and equipping God’s people for mission,  through the biblical preaching and application of God’s word;
  • the fellowship of believers, because together we are family and together we grow in faith, love, Christian maturity and unity;
  • helping people discover their spiritual gifts that they might use them in the building up of the Body of Christ, the church;
  • the ministries of the church being carried out by both lay and ordained ministers of the Gospel;
  • respecting all people, just as they are, without regard to ability, race, gender, age or sexuality;
  • receiving direction from Holy Spirit who inspires and enables creativity and innovation;
  • seeing effective, gospel-driven ministries; rather than simply adhering to tradition or efficiency;
  • prayer to guide the formation, planning and implementation of all ministries and activities of the church;
  • using the worlds resources responsibly, ensuring the church uses sustainable resources, and being a Fair Trade church;
  • showing compassion for the  poor and the oppressed through acts of mercy. Giving both practical and financial support.