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Chapel Anniversary Celebrating 155 Years

On the weekend of 28 October Cadoxton Methodist Church will be celebrating 155 years of service.

With the industrial revolution and the worldwide demand for Welsh coal, the village of Cadoxton grew to provide homes for workers on the booming Barry Docks until it became part of the town. The Methodist community of Cadoxton decided that they needed their own neighbourhood church and in 1862 Cadoxton Methodist Church, as we know it today, was opened.  

There has, in fact, been a Methodist community in Cadoxton for more than 155 years. The current church traces its roots from an earlier Methodist Chapel, which was built in 1815, but the church celebrates the anniversary of the current building which opened in October 1862.

This very familiar landmark in Barry has changed over the years and although the congregations have grown, diminished and grown again, the Christian commitment to serve God and the community has never changed.  Long serving member, Jean Chucas, who’s been a member of the congregation for over 60 years said;

“With local chapels across Wales closing every week, the fact that the chapel is still open, with an active congregation, is something worth celebrating. This isn’t just a celebration for the church but also for the district of Cadoxton and the town of Barry.” 

Today's congregation embraces all ages from babies and toddlers to people in their 90's.  The worship style is one that seeks to be relevant across this broad spectrum to meet the needs of people in the 21st Century. In addition to the Sunday service at 9.45am there is a range of monthly and weekly events and activities for both young people and adults.

The 155th anniversary celebrations will be held on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October.  On Saturday 28th the chapel and upper hall will be open between 2:00pm and 4:00pm for people to drop in and take a look at the original deeds, displays showing a brief history of the church, photographs and ceremony registers. Free refreshments including tea, coffee and cake will be served.

Cadoxton Methodist Church is part of the Methodist Circuit in the Vale.  The Vale Superintendent Minister Carole Challis said;

“The Christian Church is not about buildings, as lovely as they are, but people. So we’d love everyone who’s interested, especially those who have a connection with the church, to come along.”

On Sunday, 29 October, the church will be holding a chapel anniversary service at 9.45am, followed by lunch. All are welcome.

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