Womens Bible Study Conference

'ACTION SPEAKS' Womens Bible Study Conference Wales
Hebron Hall Christian Centre, Dinas Powys (Nr. Cardiff) South Wales
21st - 23rd March 2014

The weekend of 21st – 23rd March saw 55 ladies gather at Hebron Hall for the spring 2014 Women’s Bible Study Conference (WBSC) Wales.  The speaker was Ann Steer from London, who for the past 40+ years, with her husband Malcolm, has been ministering to Iranians; spending the first 10 years in Iran and the rest in other countries as well as the UK. 

There were three main Bible teaching sessions based on the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah under the title: Actions Speak.

    -   A Dangerous Calling – catching the vision.
    -   A Dangerous Delight – constructing the walls.
    -   A Dangerous Holiness – creating a community.

Nehemiah had a special relationship with God, which is what we need too – we need to be God’s people, in God’s place, under God’s rule.  Nehemiah was not a king, not a prophet, nor a priest, but he was a great godly leader who pointed to THE King, Prophet, Priest, Saviour and Leader, Jesus.

‘Lessons from Nehemiah’:

1.  There is no winning without warring.
2.  There is no opportunity without opposition.
3.  There is no ‘open door’ set before us without there being many adversaries to
     obstruct our entering it.
4.  Whenever the saints say, “Let us arise and build”, the enemy says, “Let us
     arise and oppose”.
5.  There is no triumph without trouble.
6.  There is no victory without vigilance.
7.  There is no gain without pain.
8.  There is a cross in the way to every crown that is worth wearing.

Please check back here soon for detals on the next conference in the Autumn

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